Usability Review

Image depicts a woman working on her laptop and says "usability heuristic review IBM analytics learning services website 2020"

What i did

  • Applied usability heuristics to audit the website for my unit within IBM
  • Applied information architecture principles to the site design as well and recommended a reorganization of the site’s hierarchy

Below are images captured from the original website design

Screen captures of the old website

Image shows a website home page with an annotation saying "To keep consistent with the rest of IBM's style, this image should be replaced with a transparent background. There are examples in the following pages"

What came of it

  • Successful redesign – as shown on the website (link below) and screen captures, many of my recommendations were addressed.
  • After this was completed I was assigned to be the sole author of a course by my second line manager

Screen Captures right after the redesign

Image shows redesigned website with a header image that has higher contrast and a transparent image
This image depicts another part of the analytics website that shows a much better use of contrast and color

What i used

  • Resources from the Neilsen & Norman Group including the following articles: Top 10 Usability Heuristics and Accessibility and Contrast
  • The CRAP principles of design: Consistency, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity
  • Knowledge of Information Architecture, UX, HCI, Usability, and Accessibility